Jasper FloodPlain Ordinance No. 24-2

The Jasper City Council adopted a newly revised floodplain ordinance at the April 09, 2024 Jasper City Council meeting. The ordinance was based off the Minnesota DNR model floodplain ordinance, to satisfy the state and federal standards detailed in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 103F; Minnesota Rules, parts 6120.5000 – 6120.6200; the rules and regulations of the National Flood Insurance Program in 44 CFR 59 to 78. The ordinance provides the general regulations for development in floodplains, as well as procedures guiding administrative responsibilities.


Download "Ordiance No. 24-2_Jasper_FloodPlains.pdf"

City of Jasper Ordinance No. 87

An ordinance amending The City Code of The City of Jasper by adding section 7.055 on Recreational Vehicles-ATV, ORVS, & Golf Carts.

Download "ordinance87.pdf"

City of Jasper Ordinance No. 91

An ordinance to regulate the Keeping of Animals within the city limits of Jasper. This ordinace supersedes Jasper City Code, Section 9.20, Animal Licensing and Regulation in its Entirety.

Download "ordinance91.pdf"