City Council Meetings

The Jasper City Council Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. All meetings are held in the Council Chambers located at 105 Wall Street East.

The public is encouraged to attend!

City Council Members:

Mike Baustian
Term: 2 Years

City Councilman:
Kim Lape
Term: 4 Years

City Councilman:
Brian Sievert (Acting Mayor)
Term: 4 Years

City Councilman:
Deb Plahn
Term: 4 Years

City Councilman:
Tim Houg
Term: 4 Years

City Clerk/Treasurer:
Trinidad Garcia
Term: 2023

City Assessor:
Erik Skogquist
Term: Annual Appointment

City Attorney:
Damian Sandy