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Christmas in the village 2021
Thanksgiving garbage

Garbage & Recycling Collection - FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2021

NOTICE: Garbage and Recycling Collection will occur on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2021. Please put your totes to the curb on Thursday evening.

Lost Cell Phone

***UPDATE: Phone was turned into the Jasper Mini Mall and returned to its owner!***

Did anyone find a cell phone within the past 15 minutes near the intersection of 4th Street & Spicer Avenue? If so please turn it into the City Office so it can be returned to it's rightful owner. Thank you!
Thanksgiving 2021
Phone outage

Office Phone Lines Down 11/9

City Office phone lines are down due to an issue with Vast Broadband. Vast has not predicted a restoration time. Please email the city office at if you need any assistance and cannot reach us by phone. Thank you!
Veterans day 2021

Closed on Veterans Day

The Jasper City Office will be CLOSED on Thursday, November 11, 2021

City of Jasper Leaf Pickup

The City of Jasper will begin leaf pickup on Monday, October 25, 2021
Leaf pickup 2021


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The “Service Memorial” located at the Jasper City Cemetery was originally built in 2000.  The memorial was constructed from funds received from the sale of the individual soldier’s stone markers ($50 each), money received from donations and some funds from the City of Jasper.  After 20+ years the memorial has required some rehab work.  The three primary things that needed to get done were:
1. Repainting all the crosses
2. Replacing the outdoor carpet around the crosses
3. Redoing how we display the individual soldier stone markers.
Fortunately we have received wonderful donations from a number of folks to help with the costs of the rehab work and we will be able to complete all 3 needed repairs!

Jerry & Janine Aaland donated funds to get all the crosses repainted!  This was actually completed last spring before the whole Covid mess which delayed the other two needed repairs.  The crosses were sandblasted and then repainted with commercial car paint, they look terrific!  Thanks to Jerry and Janine!

The old outdoor carpet will be replaced with artificial turf secured from a turf company in the Twin Cities.  We are hoping to pick up the new turf before the end of May.  We were fortunate enough to received donated funds from Stan and Wayne Williamson and Wayne’s two boys Rusty & Jason to pay for the new turf!  Thank you to Stan, Wayne, Rusty and Jason!

The last repair to be done is to temporarily remove the individual soldier stone markers, build new sloped cement platforms which will have metal frames around the outside to hold the stone markers and then replace the stone markers within the frames.  This should help to keep the stone markers cleaner, easier to visualize and drain off any rain and other moisture.  Again we were able to secure enough donated funds to pay for all of this part of the project rehab.  We received donations from Marv Hey, Chuck Hey, Bill Sexton and David & Phyllis Smith!  Thanks to Marv, Chuck, Bill, David and Phyllis!

A special “Thank You” to Terry Skyberg for all of his annual work and maintenance on the memorial keeping the stone markers cleaned, hosing and blowing off the cement and carpet areas and putting up and taking down all the flags for the past 20 years!  Thank you Terry!

We want to thank all of these generous folks for all of their donations to make these essential repairs to be made!  We are hoping to have all of the repairs completed by July 1st!

Finally as there are always ongoing costs and needed repairs we would like to start a “City of Jasper Service Memorial Preservation Fund”.  The money in this fund will help with annual costs going forward and to help maintain the wonderful “Service Memorial” we have at the entrance of the City of Jasper Cemetery.  One good example of annual costs is the purchase of seven flags for the memorial each year.  On the recognition wall there are 7 flag poles that fly flags majority of the year and they need to be replaced each year.  If you would like to make a donation to the “City of Jasper Service Memorial Preservation Fund” please mail your check to: City of Jasper, P.O. Box 277, Jasper, MN 56144.  Please make your check payable to “City of Jasper Service Memorial Preservation Fund”.

Thank you in advance for your generous donations!!
Atv tag 2021

2021 ATV Permits

ATTENTION ATV OR GOLF CART OWNERS: 2021 ATV Permits are available at the City Office & are REQUIRED to ride on city streets. Permits cost $10 and are good through December 31, 2021.

You will need to provide your drivers license number, vehicle ID & DNR ID number in order to get this permit.

NO DIRT BIKES OR GO CARTS CAN BE DRIVEN IN TOWN; those vehicles must be placed on a trailer & ridden only on private property out of town - no city property!
Trash bin placement
Reminder: Leave at least 4 feet (or more) between your recycling and garbage tote or NEITHER will be picked up! Also, if your tote is too close to a mailbox, car or other item, YOU WILL BE SKIPPED!
Toilet paper


The City of Jasper would like to remind residents that the only product that should be flushed down the sewer is toilet paper.
Please DO NOT flush:
-Flushable toilet wipes (they are NOT flushable)
-Paper Towels
-Facial tissues or wipes
-Baby wipes
-Clothing, rags, towels
-Feminine products
-Any other non-biodegradable items
These DO NOT break down in the system and will clog your sewer lines, which could cause a sewage backup inside your home or business.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been carefully monitoring the progression of the virus and closely following the advice of the CDC. As the virus continues to spread to communities across the United States we have made the difficult but important decision to close the Quartziter Community Center (including the Wellness Center) and Memorial Hall effective immediately.

We look forward to reopening our doors as soon as possible and welcoming everyone back. In the meantime, take care of yourself and each other.

City Curfew

City curfew
Did you know the City of Jasper has a curfew? Section 9.13, Subd. 2. of the City Ordinance prohibits any minor to be on or loitering on the streets or public places between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. of the following day, unless accompanied by a person of lawful age who is responsible for the minor.
Please make sure your children are home by 10:00 p.m. and not in violation of the City Ordinance.

Credit/Debit Card Processing

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We are happy to announce that we now accept credit/debit cards for your SWG bills, Wellness Center memberships, building permits, etc.

We know that preparing events and special projects can be both challenging and time consuming. We are therefore doing our best to make our process efficient and more convenient. We now accept Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard. Convenience fees do apply.

FREE Yard Waste Tag to all Jasper Residents

Each Jasper Resident may receive a FREE yard waste tag by stopping into the City Office to pick it up. We are trying to encourage all residents to tidy up our city.

Brush Site:

Please follow the brush site rules.

Allowable Items:  brush, leaves, tree limbs, grass clippings, and compostable garden items.

Separate your items and place in the brush or compost pile.

DO NOT start a fire.  Burning is allowed by City employees only!

DO NOT leave plastic bags or boxes used to transport items to the brush site.

DO NOT leave trash or garbage at the brush site.

DO NOT leave lumber or burnable building or remodeling materials.  These items need to go to the county dump site.

DO NOT leave metal or other unusable items like bicycles.  These items need to go to the county dump site or be recycled at another location.

Violations put the City at risk of losing the license to operate a brush site/burn site.   Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Fines of up to $100 will be imposed.

City Employees:

Public Works Superintendent:
Brian Thode
Cell 507-204-0999

Public Works Assistant:
Charles DeSchepper

Cortney Kounkel

Assistant Clerk/Treasurer:
Stella Lingen